Monterey 2012 Architecture


Project Details

Starting with the goal of saving this badly deteriorated 1972 home from demolition in keeping with Mary Ann Schicketanz’s deeply-felt ethical approach to the holistic re-use of existing materials, the studio introduced a new envelope and completely reconfigured the interior, using wood salvaged from the original construction.

Formed from the union of two unlikely and neighboring structures, the current Press Club has been re-envisioned by Studio Schicketanz to stand on the conceptual and “anti-architectural” shoulders of the renowned Moore.

Exploring the studio’s deeply honed approach to the power of adaptive reuse, the design team emphasized a revitalization of the structure’s place in the local community by reintroducing and preserving the central open space as the main focal point, and by activating the pedestrian experience along Fremont Boulevard.

An interlocking rhythm of high and low ceilings produces a choreographed spatial experience that holds multiple purposes: hub, performance space, art gallery, offices.