Bay Area Present In Progress


Project Details

Our firm has embarked on the full renovation of the personal residence of Mid-century modernist Henry Hill, a star-architect of the post-war period. English-born and Harvard trained, he was one of the trendsetters of California Modernism in the Bay Area.

This residence carries defining hallmarks that make that era so cherished by an ever-growing audience.

What we were presented with was a complex built over time reflecting the various changes that Henry Hill himself went through as a designer. It is our commitment to attend to the needs of the new owners acknowledging the existing architectural value that the house has scripted in its layout and exteriors. Architecture develops organically with ever-changing needs based on new ownership. When dealing with this very particular design predicament- the reuse of a heritage building- we strive to keep a working balance between client’s program and context to craft an architectural experience rooted in its physical history, while projected toward the future.